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AID - Application Identifier List

The Application Identifier (AID) is a value that indicates the program / routine used to process EMV Transaction Data. Both the Terminal and the Card have a list of AIDs that they have have been programmed to use in transaction processing.

A fully-qualified AID contains both an RID and a PIX. The RID, or Registered Application Provider ID, is the 1st 10 Bytes of the AID, and it designates the Payment Scheme (as defined by ISO 7816-4) used for the transaction. PIX is the "Proprietary Application Identifier Extension, and it is the part of the AID after the first 10 characters."

Tag 4F stores the AID for the card, and Tag 9F06 stores the AID for the Terminal. Tag 84 provides the "Dedicated File Name," which is typically the AID.

The Applications that both the Card and the Terminal have in common is called a "Candidate List." If there are no matching AIDs for both the Card and the Terminal, the "Candidate List" is considered "empty," resulting in a Fallback to Mag Swipe, which means that the transaction will not be processed as an EMV transaction.

Following is a list of some of the most common AIDs:

Brand / Card Scheme Product RID PIX AID
American ExpressAmex A00000002501 A00000002501
Discover Diners / Discover A0000001523010 A0000001523010
Discover US Common Debit AIDA0000001524010 A0000001524010
Discover ZIP A0000003241010 A0000003241010
MasterCard Credit or Debit A0000000041010 A0000000041010
MasterCard U.S. Maestro A0000000042203 A0000000042203
MasterCard Maestro A0000000043060 A0000000043060
MasterCard Cirrus A0000000046000 A0000000046000
MasterCard MasterCard A0000000049999 A0000000049999
Visa Credit or Debit A0000000031010 A0000000031010
Visa Electron A0000000032010 A0000000032010
Visa V-Pay A0000000032020 A0000000032020
Visa Interlink A0000000033010 A0000000033010
Visa Plus A0000000038010 A0000000038010
Visa Visa Common Debit A0000000980840 A0000000980840
JCB Japan Credit BureauA0000000651010 A0000000651010
UnionPay Debit (China) A000000333010101A000000333010101
UnionPay Credit (China) A000000333010102A000000333010102
UnionPay US UP Common Debit A000000333010108A000000333010108
Interac Canada Debit A0000002771010 A0000002771010