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Enhanced Contactless Reader Capabilities / Third-Party Data / Form Factor - Tag 9F6E

Tag 9F6E is used differently, depending on the Card Brand. In general, 9F6E is data specific to the contactless interface.

Visa refers to the data as Form Factor Indicator (FFI), with a length of 4 Bytes, with Byte 4 indicating the Form Factor.

MasterCard refers to the data as Third-Party Data, with FFI (also referred-to as Payment Initiation Channel) indicated in Bytes 5 and 6.
Click this button FFI to view a list of the Form Factors specified by MasterCard.

American Express refers to the data as Enhanced Contactless Reader Capabilities, with a length of 4 Bytes.

The Decoder below is for the Amex ECRC, as defined in EMVCo Book C-4.

Byte 1 - Terminal Input Capabilities:

Byte 2 - Terminal CVM Capabilities:

Byte 3 - Terminal Transaction Capabilities:

Byte 4 - Terminal Transaction Capabilities (Future):